Spiritual Leadership Team

FBC’s new Spiritual Leadership Team proposal

To serve God, First Baptist Church, and the surrounding community by:
equipping, encouraging, and empowering the people of FBC to further our mission of growing and making disciples of Jesus Christ in and around Bennington by the supernatural power of God.

1. To equip the people of FBC to grow in their faith and share the gospel with those around them.
2. To see many in our community believe in and follow Jesus, and see others return to following Jesus.


Prayer (both individually and as a group)
Pray in general for the church and our mission
Pray for Pastor Bob
Pray for church members and attendees by name
Pray for the wandering by name
Pray for those who are not-yet-believers by name

Encourage others by speaking and communicating God’s love for them regularly
Encourage others by identifying God’s work in them
Attend ministry events in order to encourage others

Commit to being equipped via a Spiritual Leadership Study with Pastor Bob
Seek to equip others for their spiritual growth by meeting regularly with at least one other

Empower and advise Pastor Bob on ministry matters (such as deciding on ministry initiatives, sermon series, Bible Study material)
Empower and advise, along with Pastor Bob, church members in times of spiritual need.

Meet monthly as a group for prayer, encouragement, and Spiritual Leadership Study (Trellis & Vine book)
Commit to praying for things shared via email (or other means)
Pray together before worship services
Attend an annual retreat and/or special regional ministry leadership events together (“Fresh Expressions”, etc)

To be a member or regular attender of FBC
To have a growing faith in Jesus Christ
To have evident gifts of spiritual leadership (as defined by the Bible, and noticed by others)
To have a strong desire to serve as a spiritual leader