FBC Tag Sales

FBC’s tags sale occur twice a year. The spring tag sale is held the first Friday and Saturday in May and the fall tag sale occurs the first Friday and Saturday in October. Friday’s hours for the spring and fall sales are 10am to 2pm and Saturday’s hours for the spring and fall sales are 10am to 1pm. Most women’s and men’s clothing are $1.00, most children’s clothing is 50 cents, and most infant clothing is 25 cents. Saturday is three dollar bag day for both the spring and fall sales.

FBC will take donations for the tag sales throughout the year. Donations can be left at or by the church administrative office, room 105, Monday- Friday from 10am to 2pm. Larger donations can be left in the large hall located across the pastor’s office.

Because there are may leftover items from the sales that cannot not be re-donated, the church limits what items it can accept. If you are unsure about an item, please contact the church office or a tag sale coordinator.

Items accepted for FBC tag sales:

Laundered and clean women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes including: hats, gloves, mittens and scarves.

Books, records, compact disks, DVDs, small appliances still in the box (not used).

Housewares: cleaned dishes, glassware, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, glass or metal casserole dishes, small lamps that work and that have shades.

Collectibles, antiques, knickknacks and other giftware, puzzles, board games, unused craft items.

Domestics: linens, curtains, blankets, etc. Fabrics and yarn.

 The following items are not accepted:  Tools, hardware, appliances, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, medical devices, car seats, cribs, play pens, high chairs, strollers, tents, inflatables of any kind, toys, picture frames with broken or missing glass, mirrors without frames, paint, all aerosols, skis, ski poles, ski boots, stereos, TVs, computers and computer equipment, electronics or electronic accessories, exercise equipment, kerosene lamps with fluid in them, VHS tapes, home recorded cassette tapes and DVD’s, opened cosmetics, personal care items such as razors, brushes, and combs, used hobby supplies, used/opened office supplies (including paper, pencils, pens), opened wrapping paper, used gift bags, opened greeting cards, used candles, worn underwear and socks, plastic containers of any kind, plastic drinking cups, thermal drinking cups, used nonstick pan and pots, pots with burn marks, and anything with a cord/plug other than small lamps that work and have shades.

No large furniture such as chairs, sofas, beds, bed frames entertainment centers. FBC may take small furniture such as a side table; please check with a tag sale coordinator or church office before donating any furniture.