Thoughts on worship music

We recently took a small, highly-unscientific survey on church music. You can see the results here.

From a closer look at the information, it’s clear that most of us like variety!

People like a mix in the song-style. The vast majority checked more than one box for type of music. Some preferred only hymns (4). Some preferred only modern songs (7).

People also like a mix in the instrumentation. The vast majority checked more than one box for instrumentation. A small percentage preferred only one type of instrumentation (2 for organ-only, 3 for piano-only, 7 for guitars-only). No younger people (<40) checked “Organ”.

So why did we do this little survey? The “worship wars” (which have raged for decades, if not longer) have left many wounded in the American church. We hope to avoid that, by God’s grace, bearing with one another and building one another up, singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs together. We strive to be a generationally diverse congregation, to honor and encourage all ages in our journey of faith. We need music full of grandeur and depth, as well as simplicity and passion. As a body, we need each other, and to be eager to consider others more significant than ourselves.

FBC is blessed with an amazing organ. And a some great pianos. And some guitars and whatnot too. We strive to “blend” them well, but are always eager to do better. We hope to use them all for God’s glory and praise.