A prayer for those affected by addiction

[This prayer was offered by Pastor Bob at the candlelight vigil for those affected by addiction, which was held in Bennington 3/12/2016, and hosted by the Turning Point Center]

Dear God in heaven,

We come to you today with heavy hearts. We remember those who we love who have been lost to addiction. We remember those who are in the midst of addiction. We remember too the family and friends who bear so many burdens. We remember so many among us who are touched by the crisis of addiction.

So we come to you now and humbly, yet boldly, ask your blessing. Please God, bring peace and comfort to us as we mourn our losses. Please God, come near to us, that we may know your presence and peace in this time of need. Oh God, give us your grace and peace, which we cannot find without you.

We also ask that you would bless each one who is currently experiencing addiction. Please open our eyes, so we can see the help that we need. Open our ears, so we can hear the voices of those calling us home. Please break the chains around us, so we can take a step toward recovery and wholeness and healing. Oh God, will you fill our hearts so we don’t need to turn to anything else?

Bless our civic leaders with wisdom and courage. Bless our law enforcement officers with safety and strength. Bless those in the court system with hearts of compassion and justice. Bless those assisting in recovery with energy and patience.

It is so easy to feel discouraged when we look around, so will you give us hope? We are hopeless without you, so give us true hope from you. Lift our heads to see the good that you are working all around us. May we be united in purpose in helping those experiencing addiction and protecting those who are vulnerable. May we realize that our enemy is not those we disagree with, but our enemy is this demon of addiction. May we unite against this enemy. Will you stop the flow of drugs into our town? Will you stop the demand for the flow of drugs? Will you revitalize this town and its people as we unite together.

Give us vision as we go from here, and O God will you use us to make a difference? Show us, show our families, show our friends, show our schools, show our faith communities, show our businesses, show our civic groups…show us all, O God, how we can make a difference as we go from here.

Help us O God, we pray in your holy name.