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Three Big Events this Fall---Transition Times Sept 06


As the church looks forward, we have to look backwards and at our feet


First Baptist’s transition team (Greg Lewis, Cindy Watson, Carolyn
Peckham, Lisa Flynn, and Jean Hoag) challenge First Baptist to get behind
some special events prepared to help First Baptist move upwards and
onwards in the journey of faith. The transition team offers three
occasions this fall to celebrate the faithfulness and increase the
ministries of First Baptist.

Mark on your calendars right now the following dates: Sunday, September
24, Sunday, October 15, and Sunday, November 12, 2006. (What? You’re
already at church on these days! Great! Then you won’t miss these
exciting events!)

On these three Sundays, we will host a two hour event each time that will
help First Baptist look at the transitional and transformational work of
improving its ministries. Each event will begin at 9:30 AM with a special
worship time that will lead us into the events that we have planned.

On Sunday, September 24, 2006, we will hold a “History” event. We want
the congregation to think about its history together, constructing a
timeline that will help the congregants all have a common narrative about
what has happened in the life of the church. We will be covering the time
of 1950 to 2006, asking people to contribute “key events” in the life of
the church. We want to hear about “the good, the bad, and the Baptists”
and help one another know the story of First Baptist. We invite anyone
with memorabilia (pictures, old programs, VBS crafts from
yesteryear—anything!) to bring these things along for display in Colgate
Hall. We want to hear about what made First Baptist hum, sigh, laugh, and
cry over the years! Anyone from the oldest members to the newest members
alike need to be at this event! This event helps us move forward,
remembering our faithful heritage. (Greg Lewis, Carolyn Peckham, and
Jerrod Hugenot will be facilitating this event.)

On Sunday, October 15, 2006, we will hold an “Asset” event. Using a
method called “asset mapping,” we will challenge First Baptist to think
about what are the various assets that the church has. And by asset,
we’re not talking necessarily about the financials! This will be a
creative event that will help the church look at what it can do and what
it might do next with its talents, time, and mission. After this event,
we might all be saying, “Look out, world! Here comes First Baptist!” This
event gets our feet moving! (Jean Hoag, Lisa Flynn, and Jerrod Hugenot
will be facilitating this event.)

On Sunday, November 12, 2006, we will hold a “Purpose” event. The exact
programming is still to be determined, but think of this event as a time
to help us get ready for 2007. Pledge time and nominating committee work
usually is underway at this time. The transition team asks First Baptist
to be prepared to be different in 2007! This event will help us look
ahead by embracing the coming year not as another year to fund “business
as usual” but as a time to figure out how 2007 will be a “life-changing”
year for First Baptist. Can we dare imagine 2007 as “THE” year that the
church moves more into the community, deepens its journey of faith, and
seeks new ways of being “church” here in Bennington.

Are you excited? We’ll see EVERYONE on September 24 for the first big
event! Questions? Contact the transition team or minister at any time.

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